How I Did It
The Inside Story!

I know you came here to learn about Yorkshire, but I decided to add this page because I get a lot of questions asking why I give away so much information for free. Another favourite question has been "did you need to learn lots of techie things to build your web site?"

Well, first off I'll tell you I’ve been building web sites that are making money for clients since 2001. And I’ve been “in computers” since 1977 – analysing and developing (we used to call it programming back then) systems, big and small. So over the years I've built up a considerable skill set.

However, the story I’m about to tell lays all of that experience - all the acquired skills and techniques - to one side...

The web sites I built were – and still are - quite successfully generating business and income for my clients. But an idea started to nag away at me inside my head. Wouldn’t it be nice to build a web site for me? One that would make some money for me - one that would keep making money even though I left it for longish periods.

Well... I’m not sure how I came across Solo Build It! But I do remember researching the Internet for some software one of my clients could use to update the content on his site without having to ask me to do it.

This is how it would go:

  1. He would ask for a change - big or small.
  2. Then he would wait for me to fit it into my schedule.
  3. Then I'd do the work.
  4. Then he would send me a cheque to pay for it. Hey - maybe that's why he asked me for a way to do it himself!

To cut a long story short, I stumbled on SBI.

Scanning the blurb I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This package claims to enable anyone – and I mean anyone, even those with zero techie skills – to build, not just a web site. This stuff is promising to enable anyone to build a web site that works. To build an online business. To create an income.

Well - the more I read, the more it sounded too good to be true. But I was being told this is no “Get Rich Quick” scheme (GRQ) – it is do-able. Thousands of small business owners around the world are using it very successfully. All I have to supply is BAM (Brains And Motivation).

I quickly found tons more information about SBI – each click on a link provided lots more information – including links to click for more information! I must have spent a week following links to more and more info (I’m naturally pretty sceptical!). Then I put it to one side - letting all the information, advice and encouragement percolate through the grey matter.

Eventually a plan began to take shape - I determined to put SBI to the test.

I would put aside - for the time being - all my previous techie skills and use this “wonder” package to build a web site about one of my passions.

If the test succeeded I would have the beginnings of an online business providing an additional income. Having successfully used the package myself I could confidently recommend it to my client – remember, the one who wanted to do it himself!

If the test failed, SBI comes with a solid money back guarantee - so I had nothing to loose money-wise. OK I’d lose some of my time – but, as the saying goes “you’ve got to speculate to accumulate”.

Have you ever wondered how other people make money on the Internet?

Have you ever said to yourself “How can I make some money on the Internet”?

You have! Then here are two very important points to take home from this page:

The first, and most important point I’m trying to make here is that I’ve consciously, deliberately used only the simplest methods - provided by SBI for the “totally techie ignorant” - to build I’m trying to prove – in fact I’m convinced I have proven – if only to myself – that SBI can enable anyone to build a successful web site that works. All you need to bring along is sufficient motivation and enough brains to place one building block on top of another (BAM). I’ve built it block by block. But that is only the actual content...

Before that I’ve followed the comprehensive Action Guide step by step. And that has taught me about finding the right niche for my site. Telling me whether or not there is a demand for my information. Even determining the best domain name. My domain name is yet another thing included in the yearly cost, by the way - as is the hosting and much, much more. Understanding keywords - how and where to sprinkle them through my pages. Not too many – not too few! Recommended page layout and ways of saying things better. How to satisfy – over-satisfy – your visitors needs. How to satisfy the needs of the search engine “bots”.

I know that if I can do this – step by step, block by block – I know that you can!

My second point is this. I know and understand the amount of time, patience and cost of learning all the techie bits of getting a web site up and running – and keeping it there amid all the competition. I know because I’ve had to do it before finding SBI. The HTML, PHP, SQL, XML, RSS, SEO ad infinitum. I’m sure you’ve seen all of these things, and more, bandied about by people offering to build you a web site – by firms offering to host your web site. And there’s always something new coming along that has to be mastered. Solo Build It handles all the techie stuff – adding new stuff as it comes along. Leaving you to supply the page content through your passion for your niche. Leaving you to control the direction your Internet business takes.

I hate the word “Expert” (well, it implies that you know everything – and in this business as most others – that is just impossible). I would never want to be known as one. However, I do have a lot of experience with the techie side of designing, building, hosting and all the many ways of making web sites stand up and be noticed by people and search engines. So I do know the true value of everything that Solo Build It includes in the toolbox.

My web site is turning into a pleasing, interesting web site. It is being found by more and more people – who keep returning. It is designed to provide lots of useful information and I rather think it is doing that. What do you think?

It’s a long way from being complete – lots more content is needed and will be supplied. All of the information that I offer is for free and will always be so - so how does it make money? Good question!

You probably found this site by using a search engine – Google or Yahoo, perhaps. That’s one of the things SBI helps me with. Showing me how to build high ranking pages - and that brings as much free traffic as possible.

There are many ways to monetize a web site. SBI teaches and helps you all the way.

But for now is already more than paying its own way - and by using only one form of monetizing – you’ll have noticed the little advertisements down the side of many of the pages. Google’s Adsense programme is a great and easy way to start bringing in money. Income from Google has steadily built over time. My first $100 cheque took ten months in the coming – but what a great feeling that was! The second $100 cheque took five months and the third took three months. Income is increasing all the time – I know retirement day is not tomorrow but there are lots of other ways for my web site to build a steady, reliable income. And SBI will show you how.

Want a sneak preview of the SBI Action Guide? If you learn better by reading try the links at the top right of the Action Guide page. Perhaps you learn better by watching and listening – try the links at the top left of the Action Guide. You’ll see what I mean when you get there. Click the links and have a real good look around - it's what I did!

Click here to get started – tell ‘em Lez Sez to give it a try!

Not sure about something? Solo Build It lets you ask questions - and get answers from real people with actual Solo Build It web sites.

Click here to ask your questions – but I'd have a look at the Action Guide first. It will probably tell you all you need to know.

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