Self-catering Benefits
Six of the Best

Self-catering benefits.

Over the years, lots of people have asked me,

"OK – so what’s so great about a self catering holiday?"

Well – what are the benefits of self catering? Basically, I think it all boils down to six things:

  • Freedom
  • Price
  • Choice
  • Home from home
  • Privacy
  • Location

Freedom – to do what you want, when you want. What do I mean by that?

Well, think about this…

You booked your holiday in a small hotel. You thought you had a good deal. If only you’d listened to your sister and booked a self catering holiday cottage – like she and her husband did last year. She told you all about the freedom of eating what you want, when you want it. Breakfast would have been on your terms and only after you’d had a chance to waken up in a calm, unhurried manner. So what if you have slept in? You deserve it – don’t you? You’ve worked hard for this holiday!

How about…

You’ve had a great day out, exploring the delights and sights of York. Arriving back at your cottage you don’t feel like going out for a meal. Fancy a night in?

Fine! No problem! Take twenty minutes putting together an easy, nourishing meal in your own, well-fitted kitchen and settle down with a bottle of wine in front of a welcoming fire. Coronation Street is just coming on the telly and it’s warm and cosy in your own lounge. You’ve left the world outside and it’s time to relax.
Fade with a big sigh…

Freedom is the first of the self-catering benefits.

Price – we all need to think about the price of our holiday. Make sure we’re getting the best value for our money. Well – unless we’re Elton John or Posh and Becks, of course!!

When you’re looking for holiday ideas you might come across a self catering holiday cottage that accommodates ten people for about eight hundred pounds. Wow! That seems like a lot of money. But remember, the price of renting a holiday cottage is the price for the whole week and includes all of the people in your party. Here are a couple of examples that may be food for thought…

You’re a close-knit family looking to plan a holiday for both your family and your sister’s. Holidays together, in the past, have been great. The important thing is that the kids get on well together and have fun. You’re looking for a guest house or small hotel that can take all of you – eight people all together. Look - here’s one that does B&B for £30 each. It looks nice but it’s not quite in the right place. The one in the right place is £50 each. Let’s do the sums. Seven nights at £30 is £210. Seven nights at £50 is £350. Now multiply that by the number of people! Crikey, how much can bacon and eggs cost?

That cottage for ten could seem like a good deal now you come to think about it. It’s about a hundred pounds each for the whole week.

Here’s another example…

The kids have grown up and flown the nest. You’re an active couple looking for a relaxing week’s break in the midst of winter. You both enjoy a gentle walk in the countryside. Maybe a remote, romantic, riverside hotel would suite? Have a look on t’Internet. Hey this one looks lovely. Rooms are between £80 and £120 per person, including breakfast – served between eight o’clock and nine thirty. Hmmm - Seven nights at £80 is £560. At £120 in the four-poster room is £840 – each. Maybe not in quite the right spot – but it still looks nice.

Hold on! A Google Ad at the side of the page catches your eye! “Self catering holiday cottage for two. Remote, riverside location”. Before you know it, the mouse has clicked and you’re looking at a picture postcard cottage in woodland beside a delightful babbling brook. Wisps of smoke climb skywards from its chimneystack and a golden glow lights up the garden around the windows. Check out the price - £250 per week - and it’s available for your week!

Price is the second of the self-catering benefits.

Choice – a wide choice of cottages is always available from a reputable agency that specialises in self catering holiday cottages.

Choice is the third of the self-catering benefits.

Home from home – again, we’re talking about freedom. Freedom to be yourselves in a house or apartment that is fully equipped with everything needed for everyday living – right down to the potato peeler and TV remote!

Home from Home is the fourth of the self-catering benefits.

Privacy – Some friends of ours have a young family and love the choice of cottages along the Yorkshire coast. They are never far from the safe, clean beaches where the kids can let off steam. And at the end of the day they know that all that sand can be washed away from little legs and arms in the privacy of their own bathroom, back at the cottage.

Privacy is the fifth of the self-catering benefits.

Location – Other friends of ours, early retired – lucky devils! - love to walk the high fells of the Yorkshire Dales. They enjoy a week’s holiday in the depths of winter, when the snow is lying deep on the ground, turning everything into a winter wonderland. The short, bright days see them out on the trails alongside the drystone walls, secure in the knowledge that, when the light fades and the temperature plummets, they have a cosy, warm cottage waiting to welcome them home. Perhaps they have left a slow cooker, busy bubbling with a rich stew ready to warm them, from the inside, out. Their idea of a perfect holiday retreat is a converted dales barn – massively built to withstand the harsh winter winds at the head of the valley – high up and remote – far from the madding crowd!

Location is the sixth of the self-catering benefits.

You see, self catering means lots of different things to different people. The qualities they seek, to fulfil their holiday needs will differ. But fulfil them they will when they rent a holiday cottage.

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