Win a 5 bedroom house in Yorkshire!

by Sarah

Win Chapel House

Win Chapel House

A local Yorkshire company will be launching a competition on the 1st September 2009 with the grand prize of a 5 bedroom house on the Pennine Way.

The competition is the brain child of two local builders who renovated the old chapel only for recession to hit and the property market to collapse. Whilst waiting for the market to recover they got to thinking... Why not give people the chance to enter a competition to win the house? It seemed a shame to leave it standing empty!

The competition will be launching on the 1st September and the prize includes:

A beautiful recently renovated 5 bedroom house on the Pennine Way, all legal fees paid,the council tax paid for the 1st year and £20,000 spending money.

Entries are limited to just 29,000, so odds of winning a substantial prize are much better than those for the National Lottery.

The response to the idea so far has been incredible. A pre-launch page has collected 100s of names and email addresses for those who want to be notified once the competition goes live. If you would like to learn more and register your interest then visit

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Jan 12, 2012
House Competitions
by: Gary

@ Anonymous (the latest comment) - actually I found a community of win a housers on this site, they feature other property raffles like this one:

What happened to the PigPen competition did anyone with the house?

May 11, 2010
great win a home comp
by: Anonymous

The comp looks like a nice home to win and will def enter for £10!!

I have just entered also which is another win a home competition but a little further away, Warwickshire.

I certainly like the chance of winning a house rather than never winning the lottery pot.
We should form a community of win a housers!!

Mar 31, 2010
by: PigPen

We just wanted to set the record straight regarding the previous writer's comments!

This is certainly not the third attempt to launch this competition!

We are really open and honest here at PigPen so we wanted to give you the facts. This is the second time we have launched the competition, the first time we were a little naive as to how easy it would be and we slightly underestimated the work that would be involved! So we decided to refund all of the existing entrants and spend some time ensuring that we got the competition absolutely right.

However, we are pleased to say that having spent over half a year preparing for this launch, and having taken the appropriate legal, technical and marketing advice we are in a much stronger position this time!

We at PigPen can assure you that all of the previous entrants received their money back and almost all of them have chosen to reinvest in the competition! We are delighted with the relaunch of the competition so far, and judging by the response that we have received so is everyone else! We have been inundated with ticket purchases and we can't wait until this competition is drawn so that we can move on to our next amazing property.

We look forward to announcing our first lucky winner in a few months time and we are delighted that this, the first of many PigPen competitions has shown itself to be such a success!

If you are still unsure or if you have any other questions please do contact us - all of our details are on the website.

Very best wishes


Jan 12, 2010
BEWARE: This is the third time they've tried to do this!
by: Anonymous

To my knowledge, this is the latest of several relaunches of a competition to win this property.

I'd be very careful about staking any money on an entry.

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